Pronouns: she/they

I’m a software engineer working as a senior product manager at Microsoft focused on Azure cloud native developer tools and end-to-end experience. I’m the product lead for the open source Azure Developer CLI, which accelerates the time it takes for a developer to take an application from local development environment to the cloud (in minutes! with a single step! it rules!).

I’m also pretty passionate about the Python community and previously worked as the product manager for the Pylance language server and on Python developer experience and productivity in products like VS Code, Visual Studio and on Azure.

I’ve also worked at Google/Android on multi-device developer experience on the Cross Device SDK and as a software engineer at a couple startups and consultancies.

I’m pretty much always learning about something. Right now it’s Go, cloud native architecture, containers, K8s and infrastructure as code.

This site is all open source code. You can find the code here. It’s also an Azure Developer CLI template.

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