I’m a software engineer working as a senior product manager at Microsoft on Azure cloud native developer tools and experience. I’m the lead product manager for the Azure Developer CLI and its ecosystem (core CLI, client/editor integrations, language workloads, templates, ++), which streamlines the creation and management of cloud native applications on Azure.

Previous to my role on the Azure Developer Experience team, I worked on Python developer experience across product areas at Microsoft, including Visual Studio Code, Visual Studio, Azure, Windows Subsystem for Linux, and on the web (vscode.dev/github.dev). Probably most notably, I was the product manager for the Pylance language server, from inception through stable release/making it the default editing experience in Visual Studio Code (now serving millions of Python developers!). I’ve also worked at Google within the Android organization on the Cross-Device SDK, and as a software engineer at a number of startups and consultancies.

I like Python (and its community), Go, DevOps, containers, programming language design, developer experience, open source software, and cats!

You can find me many places on the Internet…